Shuffles: COVID-19

COVID - covid-19

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Current Status

Today we find ourselves having to choose between the Mines of Moria and the Pass of Caradhras; we must face the monster that lies ahead. We served almost 50,000 people last year and we are going to serve many more than that after we slay this foe together. If ever there was a cooperative game where the party must band together to end the life of a beast then this is it. Shuffles has left you Shuffles the Grey, but when we return from the mines we will be Shuffles the White! First of all, thank you for supporting Shuffles and helping us to level up so many times. We have several ideas going forward to get through this time as a community. Our primary concern is to our staff, our customers, our community and all the indirect vectors that interact with the characters that make up the Shuffles collective. Tune into our social media, website and sign-up for our newsletter to see how you can still support Shuffles as we embark on this Level 19 adventure together.

Here are some of the things we are offering:

  • Online ordering with curbside food and merchandise pick-up
  • Shuffles is currently allowing up to 12 people total into the restaurant over the next few weeks during our phase 1 re-opening of the space. These reservations are made here in time blocks of 2.5 hours by purchasing a game pass for $6 per person which acts as that person's game pass and reservation. Make a reservation
  • In-store game rental
  • Gift card pick-up or e-delivery
  • Join our Discord channel if you miss playing games with other people

It’s your roll Tulsa! How will you proceed? Will you check for traps? Will you seek rations and merchandise at Shuffles outpost?

---Eric Fransen / Owner