Shuffles: Private Events & Caterings

Private Events

The Shuffles catering and event program offers an event space or off-site/mobile options for your next event. Our full service event space has 96 table seats, 9 bar seats, a full professional kitchen, and a board gaming library of 700+ titles. Our mobile catering service offers a curated gaming library of nearly 100 of our most popular titles as well as a gourmet menu suitable to any dietary restriction. Read on to find out more about hosting your next party with Shuffles.

Menu Planning & Food Styling

Menus are planned to match the cuisine to the event and to your tastes. We will consider ethnic and dietary needs, the requirements imposed by the location if off-site (is there an oven?), and personal desires (favorites, vegetarian, gluten free). We can style the cuisine and presentation to set the mood and fit a theme, to explore the latest trends or work with your traditions. Initially we will only be offering these events on site at Shuffles (207 E Archer).

Rental Items

We can make arrangements for almost any rental items you may need for your event. Including pickup, delivery, and setup. We are happy to work with you to find the items to set the mood for your event, discuss prices, and suggest alternatives.


The cost of having an event can vary widely. The following guidelines should provide you with a good idea of what you can expect and help you in designing the vision for your event.

Time of Day - The time of day can play a significant role in the type of event you are planning. Your guests will typically expect different types and quantities of food depending on the time of day.

Type of Event and Menu - The type of event can be the biggest determining factor in price, and also has the widest variability. Does the event require substantial service staff (i.e. a served dinner), medium staff (passed hors d'oeuvres), or light staff (a buffet)? Is the menu simple or complex?

Rentals - Often people forget about the cost of rental items. Consider if your event can be done with paper and plastic or if you need glass and china. Do you need special tables and chairs? Cloth Napkins? We will handle all the arrangements.

We can also provide, at a charge, state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment and trained staff for your event.

Service Staff - The number and type of servers at your event depends upon the number of guests and the size of the facility. Most events, especially those with table side service, require service staff. A table service dinner will typically require one service person for every 15 to 20 guests, with an average time of 6-8 hours per server, including set up, clean up and travel time. A traditional buffet will need one service person per 20 - 25 guests, for as few as 4 hours, depending on the menu and location. For hors d'oeuvres stations, you may need only one server per 30 guests. For weddings, team building, holiday parties, office parties or extended events, the times may be longer. Additional service staff may be added to reduce service time with a higher ratio of servers to guests, and for culinary staff if the menu requires it. Cost may vary for culinary staff.

Room Charge – Shuffles is open every evening and lunch on Fridays. If your event requires our entire cafe during these times, we will need to close to the public and secure monies up to and above our potential sales for that day. Your purchases of food, beverages, and retail may cover the normal business, in case it does not, we will have to add a charge to meet the potential sales.

Automatic Gratuity – 20% to all staff (this is added to all of our catering and event bills and distributed to the appropriate servers)

Game Navigator Fee- What makes Shuffles different from other catering and event services is our game library. The library at Alexandria is the only other comparable library that we know of and is now destroyed; luckily, we are not. We have trained game navigators to teach games to any size group. We have games that play as many as 50 people, as well as, games that play 1-2 people. Each event is custom planned to provide the saturation of game navigators that you require, so that your experience has the desired result. We can custom pair co-operative, hidden roles, party or strategy games to help simulate abstract versions of different scenarios that can arise in a typical corporate or group setting.

Bartender Fee – We have highly trained mixologists and baristas available for any occasion. Our bartender service fee is based on a 2 hour shift.

Library Fee – The library fee is the fee that is assigned to each guest and included in our initial room charge fee. This fee is used to help pay for our library (currently valued at approximately $40,000 and containing almost 800 games). It also, goes towards the payment of our game navigators, the upkeep of the current library and the labor used by our buyer to always keep the hottest new games in the library.

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