Shuffles: Pricing

Game Pass Prices

How much does it cost?

At Shuffles you are always allowed to eat and drink without paying for a game pass; however, we think you will succumb to the lure of the library. The following fee structure applies to patrons who choose to game with us. The game pass pays for much more than just the game you are playing. We have over 1,400 games in the library and have spent about 900 hours in just preparing the games for commercial use. In addition, we keep track of frequency played and do inventory to repair or replace game pieces so that your gaming experience is top notch. We offer game navigators Friday and Saturday evenings to help you choose and learn games, a buyer who works tirelessly to make sure we have a relevant collection in both the library and retail, custom game tables, booths, chairs, and lights. The overall experience is what we are selling and we are happy that you have made us your home away from home for something different.

Unlimited Gameplay

    Thursday  $6 for unlimited gameplay
    Friday  $6 for unlimited gameplay
    Saturday  $6 for unlimited gameplay
    Sunday  $6 for unlimited gameplay

Game passes are priced per person.

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